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Our selling process from A, B, and C

Selling your website or online business with Margin Street is as easy as ABC.

A.   Submit your website to us

Send your request to list your business on our platform to; you are required to send us necessary earnings information so that the review can begin earnestly. Please note: we screen all website and business extensively, so please ensure all data is accurate.


B.   Get listed in the marketplace

After screening and passing the listing process, your website or business is approved to be listed on the marketplace and shared with the contacts on our email list. Your success is just beginning.

C.   Get an offer and close the deal

Margin Street is never short of investors looking for established, profitable, and marketable businesses and website to put their money into. We showcase your site to buyers in your specific category and once we have a serious prospect at hand; we discuss the terms of purchase, close the deal and inform you of the good news.
Now, isn’t that easy, Margin Street, selling online businesses and websites without any hassle.
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Sell your business online

Do you have a fabulous online presence, but can’t close a deal with your business website? Do you have a great business but worried it won’t do well online? If you are confused and need help, welcome to Margin Street, your number one choice to selling your website and business online without hassle.

Why sell with us?

Gain visibility with over a 100k contacts on our mailing list

Closing a deal is the limitation for all online businesses. These mailing lists consist of thousands of interested depositors and investors looking for the next big thing online. As we advertise a current online idea in the marketplace, your website might just be the needle in the haystack that will change the market perspective.


contacts on our
mailing list

Get listed among the leading websites and online businesses sold

We pride ourselves for being the platform that has put over 2,000 online business leaders at the top of the market and also closed more business deals than we can remember. Our success rate speaks for us; no deal or transaction is too big for Margin Street to close.


online businesses

Get your personal Margin Street Negotiator to sell your website and business

To ensure the success of any deal, you will be provided with a broker to sail through the rough online territory and handles all strange and complicated deals for you.

Constant help at every step

Selling your online business and website is confusing; so we are here to help you through the entire process, from searching for interested buyers to weeding out fakes and scammers and successfully transferring your website after the deal is reached, Margin Street will do it for you.

Other charges

When a deal is reached and closed, Margin Street takes a 32 to 45 percent commission based on the sales and price list.


45% for businesses listed at 5 million US dollars and above


40% for businesses listed at 2 to 5 million dollars


35% for businesses listed from 1 to 2 million dollars


32% for businesses listed for 1 million and below. Even at the listed price, Margin Street gives you better returns on investment than selling your website or business on your own.

How to get started?

Listing your business or website with Margin Street is very easy. To be accepted into the marketplace, our requirements are:


Your business or website must make an average profit of 10,000 dollars or more monthly.


It must have a solid track record of earnings for a minimum period of 6 months All advertising, Affiliate, Amazon Associate and Adsense site must remain on a single domain for 6 months.


Any website with two or more negative remarks linked to it such as manipulating figures, penalty, and account removal or blacklisted, 301 redirects short-term earnings will not be accepted.


Must be active on Google analytics or clicky for 3 months or more The business must have a source of income coming from multiple clients/customers as regards to a single source.


Any website or online businesses with links directly or indirectly to pornography, illegal substances, gambling hacks, sites offer cure or services through dubious means, any form of criminality will be rejected effective immediately after screening. Furthermore, websites with bogus or manipulated numbers of visitors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites or fake SEO will be denied without prior notification.

Get to know the buyers before the deal begins

Having an insight into the client before an agreement gives you a boost of confidence and also allows you to connect with the right buyers that are interested in your ideas, products, and services. This eliminates unserious buyers and time wasters.

Never bother about time wasters and scammers

As you focus on growing and running your business successfully, our communication team will be your mouthpiece with the buyer to close the deal without hassles. In fact, we will only forward a list of interested buyers who have made a deposit for the information about your site or business. Furthermore, we keep your URL hidden to prevent copycats and internet thieves away from your ideas and the influx of unwanted competition.

An affordable listing that won’t break the bank

With a fee of less than $395 for first timers and $67 for returning clients; we will list your website and online business to give you the needed visibility. The fee is refundable if we notice any flaws with the information provided by you. The charge also allows us to do a proper check to determine interested and unserious buyers.


First Listing


All future Listings

Efficient business and website transfer to the buyer

Margin Street has successfully transferred over a thousand websites and online businesses to the buyers for our clients. Our handovers are simple and don’t require software or web hosts, and best of all, we do it for you with no troubles at all.

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