Buyer FAQ’s


How is my wire protected when I purchase a new business?

Margin street makes use of a service called Wire Safe; this service ensures that all wire transactions made by the buyers are in safe and secure conditions, Margin Street takes the liberty of withholding the wire until all business entities have been transferred to the sellers. After the business property has been received, properly analyzed and approved by the buyer, the wire payment can now be released to the buyer. This procedure ensures the safety of the buyer's payment until the business property has been approved.

Where does Margin Street find these businesses that are in the marketplace?

Our Ads are placed on Google and YouTube platforms which enable business owners to come across them and indicate their interest in our service. They can sell their business in our marketplace, and it would be showcased before our investors, and with our success rate of 98%, we guarantee our sellers a fair chance of finding a buyer.

Will I get to speak to the buyer or see the URL?

As soon as the refundable deposit has been paid, you would gain access to interact with the buyer and can also view the company’s URL before making any purchase.

Sellers FAQ’s


How is my selling price determined?

Each seller is linked to an individual Margin street broker. Before your selling price is being enlisted in our marketplace, you and your broker would have discussed conclusively concerning the price at which you wish your business to be sold.

How will my payment be received?

Your buyer is left with the choice of making payment over-time if that agreement has been made, or an advance payment has been carried out; all payment options are handled with Wire Safe by Margin Street. Wire Safe guarantees a safe transaction between the buyer and the seller.